Top 5 Best Sprout Makers in India 2022

Top 5 Best Sprout Makers in India 2022:Sprouts are one of the healthiest foods you can eat. All sprouted pulses are extremely rich in antioxidants and vitamins which are essential for a healthy lifestyle.

Sprout Maker adapts the traditional method of cultivating beans and pulses in a healthy way. This sprout maker does not need additional electricity or power to seed the seeds.

We choose the top 5 best sprout maker in India, we prioritize the following parameters that make the sprout maker most suitable for daily use

  • Material Quality
  • Durability
  • Compartment & Design
  • Ease of use


Updated List of Top 5 Best Sprout Makers in India 2020


1.Saubhagya Global Plastic Hygienic Sprout Maker

no1 Best Sprout Makers for Growing Sprouts

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If you have been on the lookout for a sprout maker, you must consider opting for the Saubhagya Global virgin plastic sprout maker. It is all that you need to get sprouts in a clean and hygienic way. This is precisely what makes it a must-have in every kitchen.

It is made from virgin plastic material and comes with 2 variants- 3 containers one and 4 container one which is sufficient for generating enough quantity of sprouts for the whole family.

How to use

Basically, each compartment has a hole that is covered by a button where water slowly filters into the compartment below it.

Put grains/pulses into the compartments, keep the lowest compartment empty, make sure the buttons in the adjacent compartments are positioned in opposite directions. Fill the compartments with water and do not exceed the level of the buttons. Wait for 12 to 24 hours.

You can switch water in between if germination takes time, so check after 12 hours and change if necessary.

    • Rating on Amazon (4.7 out of 5 )
    • 3 unique ventilation slits,3 red drainage siphons, and 1 water tray (base).
    • 1 flat lid, 3 seed trays.
  • Not much durable due to its plastic quality.

2.JN-STORE Plastic Unbreakable 4 Layer Sprout Maker

 sprouts container amazon


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JN-STORE Sprout manufacturer is easy to use and is a great quality product for all your sprouting needs.

The JN-STORE germination maker, made with BPA free food plastic, makes your job easier to germinate by creating a unique physique.

You must have the right humidity environment to get a good bounce, and this sprayer provides a balance of moisture with its laminate design. It adds flexibility to using dry or wet peas and legumes.

For dry beans and legumes, just add water to each compartment and much less water to the bottom. You can directly use soaked beans or pulses in germination boxes.

Each layer of this germination manufacturer has a red button that can be adjusted opposite each layer for water and airways efficiently. The container is very spacious and you can prepare sprouts for 2-3 days in one effort, saving you time.

    • Easy to clean
    • Hygienic and safe
    • Unbreakable thing
    • Material: plastic
    • With 4 layer ritu sprout maker
  • Temperature resistance

3.Anjali Sprout Diet Single Deck Super


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Anjali Sprout manufacturer comes with 2 growing trays and 1 water collection tray along with a lid. Its delicate cultivars allow you to germinate different varieties at the same time.

This spiral manufacturer is simple to use and clean because of its well-designed design and works wonderfully with all kinds of spiral seeds. Anjali Sprout Maker is made from 100% food ingredients. The seeds do not smell after germination.

This Sprout Maker consists of a unique siphon system with air and moisture control for sanitary cell systems and makes the low-calorie salad. Anjali sprayer manufacturer container is highly constructed and makes it highly viscous to scratches and suitable for long term use.

    • BPA-free plastic
    • Crack-resistant
    • Highly durable
  • Container fitting

4. Harikrishnavilla Plastic Sprout Maker


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Made up of quality virgin plastic this sprout maker from harikrishnavilla, let’s you enjoy highly nutritious sprout.

Good drainage is very important when growing sprouts with sprout maker, you would want seeds moist but not waterlogged. The excellent water drainage system and proper air ventilation of this sprout maker prepare sprouts in a clean and hygienic way.

It comprises of three transparent containers for growing sprouts and one water collecting container at the bottom. Comprising of a total 500ml capacity this harikrishnavilla sprout maker is sufficient for a large family requirement.

You can use the container for sprouting different kinds of seeds and beans in one go. The containers are interchangeable and Moreover, the fact that it is easy to clean makes it even more desirable.

    • Easy to use.
    • Elegant design.
    • Transparent body cover is so easy to identify sprout.
    • Large capacity
    • Design
    • Container Size

5.VR Plastic Healthy Sprout Maker

top 5.VR-Plastic-Healthy-Sprout-Maker.jpg


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The VR Plastic Healthy Sprout Maker is specially designed to provide ventilation and a humid atmosphere for the grain to bounce easier and faster. This sprout maker consists of BPA-free plastic food grade and its good quality plastic guarantees no odors in the grains.

VR Plast springs manufacturer is very durable as the plastic material is temperature resistant and safe for microwave, refrigerator use. This germination maker has three transparent compartments which are very useful for identifying germs if you germinate different grains at the same time.

VR Plastics Spray Manufacturer’s Efficient Water Flow System Down the Chamber Ensures Beans Get the Right Moisture for Sprouts And It Has No Smell Because Water Is Lit In Law

    • Microwave Safe.
    • Food grade plastic.
    • Durability
    • Sprout takes a little bit of time.
    • due to made through plastic so durability is not much.



Tuneboxreviews hope and wish after reading this article you have now all the knowledge about the Top 5 Best Sprout Makers in India 2020.



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