How to set up an online drop shipping store on AliExpress?

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Dropshipping is growing out to be one of the most proliferating online businesses in the e-commerce industry. Online retail platforms like AliExpress, Amazon, ebay allow people to start drop-shipping businesses through their stores. Dropshipping is the retail fulfillment method of more than 33% of online stores. With the declining economy in the global pandemic, many people are looking forward to starting a high earning business that requires only a little capital to begin with. Dropshipping businesses fulfill all these requirements. Here’s a review of dropshipping titans that also explains the pros and cons of dropshipping. 

This article will guide you on how to set up your own dropshipping store on AliExpress.

  1. Be committed and invest time:

Entrepreneurship of any kind requires time and commitment. It is very unlikely that you start a dropshipping business and start earning a six-digit income in a few weeks. You have to put a lot of time and effort on your business especially in the early days for it to grow and proliferate. Building momentum for your business is crucial. It takes almost a year of full time working on the dropshipping business to replace the 50000$ year income of a paid job. That’s why being patient and committed to the business is necessary.

The ideal situation would be to give your undivided time to the business. but once your business starts running, it will need considerably fewer hours and efforts, unlike the starting days. Moreover, you shouldn’t consider this drop shipping business only as an income source; it is an investment that could be sold in future. So, you must give your maximum commitment and effort to your dropshipping business.

  1. Build a website/ online store:

The first step in starting a drop shipping business is the creation of your online store. Your online store is in the form of a mobile application and website. Both of them should be user-friendly and easy to use. Use software like SOE that will make your website accessible within the search of keywords. Create separate categories for different products. Add informative product descriptions 

You can create your website or you can use the platform of several dropshipping websites to provide you an online store. You only use their website as a platform; the rest of the control is in your hand. Managing themes, product description, shipping rates, backgrounds, contacts, cataloging, everything will be under your control. This will save you a fortune that you would have spent on programmers, accountants, developers, and marketers. This will leave you with very little profit and that too at the beginning stage of business.

  1. Find your niche products on AliExpress:

The next step after the creation of an online store is finding the right products to sell. There are hundreds and thousands of products on AliExpress and there is a very little chance that you won’t find one category of products to sell. But finding your niche product isn’t just as simple as that. You have to carry out whole market research to find out the “hot products”. This is done by finding out the trending searches and best-selling products. Several tools can help you find the trending searches and frequently ordered items on the search engines. Some of them are:

  •         Google trends show you the most trending searches on products within a given time
  •         Keywords everywhere tell the monthly or weekly search volume about a particular product.
  •         Oberlo order volume provides the order volumes of the products and this information can help you choose your niche product.
  1. Choose your supplier on AliExpress:

Choosing the best supplier on AliExpress is the most crucial step in setting up a successful dropshipping store. Without the suppliers you won’t have any products to sell and your business would cease before it’s even started. Having the right supplier is the flesh and bones of your dropshipping business. while looking out for the right supplier on AliExpress, check out the sellers with the best reviews. The seller should have his warehouses where it is easier to ship to the customers. It is also crucial that the supplier provides you affordable prices for the products so there is a profitable margin-left for you after the sale. Make sure that the supplier is reliable. As you are the seller, the customers would come to you if they receive faulty products. Also, make sure that your supplier provides quality products.

  1. Put products on your online store:

After creating the website and finding the supplier, the next step is to add the supplier’s products to the store. You could do it yourselves but it takes a lot of time. That’s why you should use a third-party platform like Oberly, Salehoo, etc. that will save your time and record keeping. While adding the products, provide accurate and intriguing information about the product. Put high-quality pictures that show the details of the item. Mention the shipping fee and shipping timings with your supplier’s consultation as some products on AliExpress take weeks for shipment. Also, mark up the price that is enough to leave you a margin with profit.

  1. Advertise and market your store:

After gaining a profitable margin from your dropshipping store, you might want to look into ways to expand your business. marketing your business is the vital step in expanding it. there are many ways that you could market your store. For example, Facebook ads only charge 0.7 dollars per click. You can hire content marketers once you have enough margin and could advertise your products through bloggers and influencers.


In the dying economy of this pandemic, it is very hard to find a job that pays well enough. Dropshipping store with AliExpress is a risk-free entrepreneurial opportunity that doesn’t require large capital to start with. So, get yourself registered as a drop shipper with only $20 and start your business now.

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