How to get approved on”MAXBOUNTY” 2021-22

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Maxbounty approval: Hey! Everyone. Are you fail to get Maxbounty’s approval? Don’t worry, you are in the right place.

How to Apply For a MaxBounty Account:

If you have already applied but have not yet received a call, I suggest you apply for a new account using the special request link below. Fill out the registration form with another e-mail address and another phone number, use your main domain address and fill in the required forms as described below.

                  Special Access Link

maxbounty approval

The requirement you need to follow & things You must have:

  • Unique Phone Number
  • Skype id
  • Email Address
  • A website or Landing Page
  • Basic Information About Cpa Affiliate Marketing

MaxBounty Registration First Steps:

Basic Info Tab


Your Name: Please type your full name [first name][Last Name]

Your Company Name: Type here your company name if you have otherwise filled your Name.

Password : (Set your password)

Confirm Password : (Fill with the same character)

Click on NEXT

After clicking on NEXT, you will see this page.

Step 2 Max Bounty Security Information

Max Bounty Security Information

In first question 1

1. What was the name of the first-grade teacher?

2. Who was your first Kiss?

3. What was the name of the first pet?

4. Who was your childhood hero?

5. What city were you born in?

select any of one and give the answer

Go 2nd question

1. What city were you born in?

2. What is the middle name of your oldest cousin?

3. What was the first company you worked for?

4. What was the house number of your childhood home?

5. In what town or city did your mother and father Meet?

select any one of them

after this step  click on next

Step 3 Max Bounty Contact Information

Max Bounty Contact Information

First of all, don’t lie in this section.

Here you must enter your actual contact information because they will request an interview for verification, so make sure your information is correct.


Step 4 Max Bounty Address Information

Step 3 Max Bounty Address Information

Fill your address and verify twice

Step 5 Max Bounty Experience  Information

Need to be a focus here

Q1.what is your experience?

#I’m a complete beginner

#I Have a little bit of experience, but I’ve never received payment from the network

#I have some experience and have received at least one payment  from a  network

#I am extremely experienced and have received many payments from the network

Describe your past experience in affiliate marketing

Ans1: Hi There, I have been doing affiliate marketing for a year and I am looking to move into some CPA campaign promotion, I have been using ClickBank and cash network and clickbuth and warrior plus   network and got good success,

Ans2.Hey, nice to meet you my past experience with affiliate marketing I have been an internet marketing for the past couple of months and I have received a couple of payments from peerfly and also adworkmedia . I can safely say that I am experienced and understand fully how the CPA affiliate marketing process and works.

How do you intend to promote the offer? read ans for Maxbounty approval

Ans1: I intend to promote the offer mainly with organic traffic which I am going to be driving from my blog/youtube channel my Instagram account also facebook since I have the most experience with these traffic sources. I will also be promoting office google ads and snapchat  ads .i have 13k email list

Ans2: I intend to promote offers though PPC like Google Ads and bing and PPV targeted Facebook ads and Instagram ads. and snap chat ad I also intend to promote offers through Instagram influences. I will do e-mail marketing also to get better ROI.

What offer(s) are you looking for?

#Select whatever product you want to promote like email submit health niche

Ans2:  Most selling affiliates items are health, weight loss, games, digital products, dating, etc but you must provide the first few choices based on your personal website.

Your Website Url?

Put your website URL link

Is this account for incentive traffic?

Ans: NO

Click on Next for Maxbounty approval

Step 6 Max Bounty Address Information

Step 4 Max Bounty Address Information

Check all things and click finish

After this step one verification mail sent to your mail check and confirm thAT

Now the time to show interview questions

Q1- How long have you been promoting CPA offers?

I have been doing affiliate marketing for a year and I am looking to move into some CPA campaign promotion, I have been using ClickBank and cash network and clickbuth and warrior plus   network and got good success,


Q2- How do you plan to promote our offers?

I will use Google PPC (pay per click) or display ads campaigns to drive traffic to my websites (landing pages). Also, I will do a lot of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to harness the power of of my favorite social media platform facebook ads and snap chat ads.

Q3- How much traffic do you plan to get?

That is not clear. If an offer is popular and the keywords I choose will have a lower CPC (cost per click), then there will be a lot of traffic on my website.

Q4- What kind of offers do you usually promote?

Well, I do like working in the health niche, but I am also interested to promote cryptocurrency offers. I am good at home loans and financing offers also.


Tunebox reviews hope and wish after reading this article you have now all the knowledge about the How to get approval from Maxbounty



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